Story of a True Human

Dr. Ravindra Koelhe, MD, lives and runs a clinic in Melghat, Maharashtra, India. His fee is Rs. 2 for the first consultation and Rs. 1 for the second. Apart from being a doctor, he is also a social worker.
Dr. Koelhe was first recognized after he filed a case against government who failed its duty to protect the Korku tribals of the region.
After completing his MBBS from Nagpur University, he decided to work in rural India.
An ardent follower of Mahatma Gandhi and Vinoba Bhave, he was also influenced by Ruskin Bond who wrote, ‘If you want to serve mankind, go and work among the poorest and most neglected.’
Instead of discussing what the government should do for the tribals, Dr. Koelhe firmly believes that the tribals should be taught to be independent and demand what is theirs. It has been 24 years now since, Koelhe had been serving these people.
When he arrived at Melghat, the infant mortality rate was close to 200 per 1,000 babies, now the count has been reduced to 60. In this wilderness, Dr Koelhe has stayed on to alleviate the misery of the tribals, when he really had other options. He had done this because he is a TRUE HUMAN

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