Loving the Islamic way and Living a better life.

Love marriages are bound to fail. During the pre-marriage love affair both the couple start building up expectations that surely are not able to sustain forever. When they get married, one by one those anticipated dreams begin to wear off with time and they both reach a point where they find each-other in a form in which they never imagined to see, that is less attractive. Hence they begin to find holes and flaws in one and another and eventually they realize this marriage doesn’t worth maintaining anymore and they break up.

Best way is, when you love someone, which is a human trait and we can’t negate it, you should try to stay less emotional in that relationship and instead of constructing false hopes try to focus your energies in getting married, Sooner you marry the longer you’ll stay satisfied and happy together, or may be forever. Arranged marriages succeed because non of the couple has any expectations and whenever something good is done by the one party it turns out to be a great deal for the other one and instead of deteriorating the relation grows with each and every deed.


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