Where is inflation?

In the cafeteria of national assembly of Pakistan the rate list of the food items available is as follow:


Tea: Rs 1
Soup: Rs 5
Daal: Rs 1.5
Roti: Rs 1
Chicken Karahi: Rs 20
Fish: Rs 13/kg

Why would our politicians work hard to control inflation? Things are already too inexpensive!


Punjab Gets E-Learn Platform to Make Textbooks Available Online for Free. #Pakistan

Image Punjab Government has made its e-learn platform available online, which will enable students to access textbooks, videos, tutorials and other academic stuff online for free.

Somewhat similar to Khan’s Academy, PITB’s e-learning platform will be specifically tailored for students enrolled with Punjab Education Boards.

Platform will offer Text Books, Videos, Simulations, Animations and other supporting assessments for the better understanding of students about their subjects and topics.

E-Learn Platform, down the line, may get this same content pre-loaded into laptops or tablets, or made available in the form of CDs. The introduction of online self-assessment features as well as centralized course/content management tools for public schools is also planned.

You can Access ELearn.Punjab here: http://elearn.punjab.gov.pk/